Attacking and Defending AWS
New Security Training
Give your team practical, hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services, the most utilised platform of any cloud provider.  Our AWS Cloud Security training educates and upskills the workforce with comprehensive modules created by in-market experts with over 25 years of combined AWS experience. Launch simulated attack scenarios on AWS environments with fun, gamified training labs. 

The training covers a broad range of security issues, including mitigating risk and preparing against attacks, suitable for an array of skill levels with increasing difficulty. 
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Gamified Learning
TryHackMe's walk-through content, supported by hacking streaks and badges, makes learning engaging. Experience first-hand how attackers target and exploit various services within AWS and what mitigations can be implemented to prevent this from happening.
Generate Sandboxed AWS Environments on Demand
Our environment replicates the level of access that users would have in real-world environments; We provide each user with access to their own AWS environment through API keys and the console. Each user can generate their own scenarios around various services in AWS including IAM, EC2, VPC and more. Within a matter of minutes, users are able to work across scenarios in various AWS services and apply this learning to the real world.
Training Modules
Our modules will help users get hands-on experience with common security weaknesses around the most commonly used AWS services and also cover mitigations to help them secure these services.

Introduction to Amazon Web Services

Learn about the unique characteristics associated with cloud technologies and core fundamentals required to use AWS.

Introduction to Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Set a good foundation for attacking and defending this service by understanding how permissions work on AWS.

Attacking and Defending core Services

Explore security misconfiguration on commonly used AWS services including EC2, S3, VPC, KMS and more.

Attacking and Defending Serverless

Work with Serverless components within AWS like Lambda functions, Step functions and more to understand how they can be exploited.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Privilege Escalation

After understanding how the IAM service works, put this knowledge to practice by covering key concepts required to enumerate, exploit and persist across IAM.

Suitable for all Cloud Practitioners

AWS Cloud Security training is suitable for any team and role that overlaps with cloud technology.
Cloud Engineers
Step into an attacker's shoes to get hands-on experience with relevant attack chains. Cloud Engineers can use this information to think about mitigations and defences for their own environments.
Penetration Testers
Arm your team with the knowledge to conduct scenario-based testing on AWS environments, giving a broader understanding of common configuration issues within these environments.
DevOps and DevSecOps
Proactively integrate security into the SDLC, you need an attacker’s mindset. Our security training helps you understand both attack and defence techniques.
Ready to start Attacking & Defending AWS Environments?
AWS training is a paid add-on to Business and Education packages. AWS training can not be bought by individual users and you need minimum of 3 users within your business or education organisation to access this training. Fill in the form below to book a meeting with us!

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